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The best place online, to find your favorite pieces of handmade Japanese glasses. We have been working with the best craftsmen and designers in Japan for many years, and always felt that the quality and passion that is put in every single process in a pair of our carefully selected collections, deserves to be discovered by far more people.

The Japanese eyewear production is to the opticians, what watches from Switzerland are to the watchmakers. And a true connoisseur would probably not wear an Italian perfume brand on his wrist either. 

We will not downgrade the products, by endlessly reducing prices, as the prices of real quality actually only goes up. all products are sold in the best optical stores around the world, and we only hope to create more awareness of true eyewear quality. When your favorite glasses are sold out and is in a new production, we will ask for your patience as the Japanese craftsmen do not stress.

We hope you will find your future favorite original Japanese sunglasses at Sun of Japan and if not? please make sure to notify us of which brands and models you would like us to consider for SoJ for the future.

Sincerely, Sun Of Japan 

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