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Matsuda Sunglasses

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250 Steps, 71 hours, and 13 Craftsmen.

Each of our designs is crafted by hand in the renowned eyewear workshops of Sabae, Japan – requiring up to two years and as many as 250 steps to bring to life. This is eyewear created through 50 years of experimentation and creative exploration: each frame reflecting a unique journey from concept to construction. Matsuda never stops seeking new innovative techniques to express their ideas.

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    Masters of Metal

    Using the finest metals in the world — titanium, stainless steel, sterling silver, and 18k solid gold — Matsuda’s master Japanese craftsmen transform raw materials into intricately detailed works of art, employing techniques few others would attempt: prioritising quality over mass production.

    Metal Assembly

    A Clear Vision

    Matsuda’s CR-39 lenses are lighter and more impact-resistant than glass and filter out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB light. Each lens is treated with seven layers of anti-reflective coating. This reduces eye strain by eliminating unwanted reflections. For even greater clarity, Matsuda’s polarised lenses filter out distracting glare and enhance contrast.

    Clear vision

    50 Years of Exploration

    In the 1960s, Mitsuhiro Matsuda experimented with the deconstruction of western design through his study of traditional Japanese fashion. Matsuda created pieces that evoke a profound connection with the past with a playfully innovative with a touch of European romance. Inspired by Gothic architecture, Victorian art, and American jazz, Matsuda opened the door for an international, avant-garde wave of new design steeped in cultural heritage, designed for tomorrow.

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    Sculptors of Acetate

    Our Japanese acetate forms are sculpted exclusively from an organic plastic derived from cotton and cured for over three months prior to construction. This lengthy process produces uniquely rich colors with unrivaled strength and durability. Each piece is then hand-finished by master polishers who have apprenticed for 10 years to perfect their technique, producing a remarkably soft feel, sculpted for a lifetime of hard use.

    Acetate Sculpting web

    Architects of Eyewear

    Every hinge, temple, and component used in Matsuda’s eyewear is thoughtfully considered and uniquely designed for each collection. From the iconic side shields to Matsuda’s innovative pince-nez bridges, the designs are an unmistakable homage to our heritage today, redefined for tomorrow.

    Metal Pressing 1

    Finishing touches

    Once each piece of eyewear has been hand-assembled and meticulously inspected for imperfections, it is adjusted and aligned to meet the highest quality standards. This rigorous process reflects 50 years of mastery in creating products designed for your expression.

    Acetate Finished

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