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TVR®OPT reintroduces vintage rectangle frames through the latest TVR®534 Modern Bold Rectangle Re-Edition (Hybrid II)

This new iteration, the TVR®534 Re-Edition (Hybrid II), offers a contemporary take on the bold rectangle shape by blending distinctive elements from the highly popular TVR®506 and TVR® X Yamada Mitsukazu YM-002 models.

Sabae, Japan — Continuing in the spirit o TVR®OPT’s decade-long commitment to RE -MA KE = RE VIVAL , the brand maintains its dedication to innovation and the reimagining of vintage eyewear styles for the contemporary market. Bridging the past with the present, TVR®OPT is delighted to unveil its latest creation, the TVR®534 Re-Edition (Hybrid II ) — a Modern Bold Rectangle, as a cornerstone of its 10th Anniversary project.

The innovative concept behind this hybrid design emerged from the ingenious mind of the brand’s in-house Creative Director, in alignment with TVR®OPT’s enduring RE -MA KE = RE VIVAL mission. This fresh vision, now realised, was born from a simple idea that took root in the summer of2021 at the factory. During a discussion betweenSawada-san, the master craftsman, and Onami-san,the notion arose of utilising the temple on the front or vice versa. Building upon this spark, the inhouse

Creative Director proposed the fusion of two distinct drawings to give rise to a novel front shape — a harmonious convergence of two iconic designs, namely TVR®506 and TVR® x Yamada Mitsukazu YM -002. This creative synthesis has materialised into the all-new TVR®534 Modern Bold Rectangle   Re-Edition (Hybrid II ), embodying the spirit of two beloved classics united in one.

This is also a significant moment for the brand as TVR®OPT Japan made its debut with a collection inspired by a vintage eyeglasses shape. The first TVR®501 traces back to the brand’s inaugural TV-shaped design, which remains an iconic silhouette for vintage revival eyeglasses. This unique design originated when a British frame designer noticed the growing fascination with television sets and decided to mimic the shape of a picture tube in the front frame of his eyeglasses.

As a result, the iconic TV Shape was born and quickly gained immense popularity worldwide in the 1950s and 1960s. Following the success of TVR®501, TVR®OPT continues to launch the TVR®507, featuring a Square Vintage Quadra design — offering a more angular and softer look as a stylishly bold feature. Introducing the ‘Hybrid Re-Edition’ concept, TVR®534 showcases a distinctive rectangular design. It draws inspiration from the 1960s Rectangle Retro eyeglasses in TVR®OPT’s Sabae, Japan archives. While honoring the original retro archive, the shape now boasts a more pronounced three-dimensional structure and a modified mountain keyhole nose bridge. The keyholeshaped nose bridge that effectively distributes the weight of the glasses on both sides of the nose, as opposed to concentrating it on the top.

This design is particularly advantageous for individuals with wider noses. Moreover, the U-shaped groove on the bridge adds dimension and simplicity, elevating the crafting process’s intricacy and time demands. Rectangle eyeglasses have been around since 1960s; risen to popularity in the 70s and 80s when people wanted a more daring silhouette. In modern day content, rectangle frames are seen as fun and stylish, lending an iconic look that is equal parts vintage charm and modern edge. In the spirit of TVR®534, it takes you back to the 1960s Jazz era with American Jazz Pianist, Bill Evans. For those unfamiliar with the brand, this marks only the fifth release of a rectangle collection by TVR®OPT and notably the first with an 8mm thickness.

The previous iteration was a limited capsule collection for the Japanese market back in  2015 (TVR®506 — Bold Rectangle Collection). Additionally, there’s the exclusive Japan-only collaboration, the TVR® x Yamada Mitsukazu YM -002 collection, which also features a rectangular design. In combining the finest attributes of these two collections, the in-house Creative Director has conceptualised a unique piece that embodies the utmost stylistic values, impeccable fit, and ideal sizing. The narrative for the TVR®534 Modern Bold Rectangle Re-Edition (Hybrid II ) is driven by the captivating structure and intricate detailing found in the collections that inspire the new model. There’s also a resounding comeback trend for rectangle eyeglasses. This shape is especially flattering on a round face as the angles in the frame add dimension and interest. The shape is refined to have more rounded angles to further       soften the look; suitable for both men and women.

Made with 8mm Japanese acetate material, TVR®534 is also made in an exclusive TVR®OPT colour — Smoke Brown Champagne (Previously introduced in TVR®504X — X SERIE S for the 10th Anniversary Edition). The shape bring out an authoritative look, of someone informed, studied and intellectual. Its minimalistic nuances is shown through the small details — from the metal core to the seven-barrel hinge design as well as the classic rivets. TVR®534 also features a new hinge design inspired by vintage Japanese jewellery box hinges.

To achieve a charmingly vintage profiled line hinge design, micro-engraved line patterns are used on the Sun Platinum Metal (SPM) hinges, along with gold-plated washers that complete the temple design. TVR®OPT has adopted the original duo bar rivets from 1950s Willson eyeglasses, a vintage design element that has seen limited use among contemporary brands in recent years. Especially for this new release, TVR®OPT has introduced a recreated temple design. This design incorporates a thickness transition from 6mm to 4.5mm at the temple arm, shif the glasses’ center of gravity towards the tips of the temple arms, thus improving the overall balance. The length of the temple arms remains consistent at 150mm, ensuring optimal quality, comfort, and fit.

A closer look at its metal core also references the dragon from the Myōshin-ji Temple. The Indian ink painting of the majestic dragon in the sky perpetuated the ceiling of the DharmaHall, one immaculate artistry demonstrated by renowned artist Kanō Tan’yū. It features a unique style of dragon called the Happonnirami no Ryū, which translates Dragon Gazing in

All Directions and the painting, which took eight years of completion measures 12 metres in diameter. Depending on which angle you look at, the dragon can appear to be either descending or ascending to heaven — it will look directly at you no matter where you stand. This is especially representative of TVR®OPT’s direction to be perpetual and timeless in its vintage revival ethos. The new collection aims to take you back in time with eyeglasses that have been a part of history. Combining extreme aesthetics and exquisite craftsmanship, the brand continues to put forth the best of both classical and modern art and culture with an effervescent commitment to true handmade Japanese craftsmanship.

The upcoming TVR®534 Modern Bold Rectangle is set for release in October 2023. This iteration features a singular size (50 / 21mm) available in fivedistinct colours, including the exclusive TVR®OPT shade — Smoke Brown Champagne, along with Classic Black, Duo Grey Crystal. 


True Vintage Revival










Size 50 / 21mm
Lens 50mm
Front Length 142mm
Temple 150mm
Inner side temple: Clear with Dragon in the cloud design core
Lens: Green G15 with Anti Reflex coating in the back


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