Buy the Masunaga frames online: High-quality stylish eyewear

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Buy the Masunaga frames online: High-quality stylish eyewear

At Sun of Japan, we offer a wide range of Masunaga frames. The Masunaga brand only uses the highest quality when producing and perfecting the Masunaga sunglass frames. The frames are made with titanium and Japanese acetate known as the most premium materials in sunglass production.  The unique handmade process that the production goes through makes for a beautiful and classic frame design.  When you wear the sunglass frames from Masunaga you will feel the hours of work that has been put into creating each and every frame.

Frames that fit all

The Masunaga frames come in all shapes and forms. And the minimalistic design and high functionality make the Masunaga frame suited for almost all styles. In this way, you can easily pick and choose the frame that fits your face. Are you looking for a traditional and classic look? Or are you looking for something bold?  As part of the quality over quantity strategy, Masunaga’s collection of frames has been stripped down to only a few, solid designs. Browse our collection of Masunaga Frames and find the perfect pair of sunglasses!

Masunaga frame collaboration with Kenzo Takada

Masunaga has also collaborated with the internationally renowned Japanese fashion designer Kenzo Takada. With this collaboration, Masunaga added a special edition design to their collection of unique frames. Kenzo Takada brought a vintage look with a hint of bold characteristics and innovative technologies. Browse our collection of Kenzo Takada x Masunaga here. At Sun of Japan, we also sell the Masunaga K-3 sunglasses. The Masunaga K3 series is a continuation of the collaboration with Kenzo Takada. These glasses are designed with contemporary design in mind while still maintaining Japanese traditional sunglass style.
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