Japanese Sunglasses & Styles


Japanese Sunglasses & Styles

You will often find Japanese sunglasses and eyewear brands in a league of their own. That is partly because of their manufacturing technique that has put Japan on the world map. “Made in Japan” has become the ultimate band of approval. And that is also the case when it comes to sunglasses. The quality and sense of detail is breathtaking. 

Japan has truly been recognized as a leading manufacturer of fashionable, minimalistic, innovative, and exclusive eyewear and sunglasses in recent years.  Each and every piece of eyewear produced in the legendary area of Fukui – have their own history and accuracy to detail. What characterizes the manufacturing processes is that they constantly evolve and improve their facilities to fit modern trends. The optical industry in Fukui produces 97% of the overall eyewear production in Japan – and it is the third-largest in the world. One of the most exclusive brands is the Masunaga frames.

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Japanese sunglasses: unique characteristics with modern tones

We sell stylish Japanese sunglasses from brands that have become part of a legendary optical tradition. Similar to every sunglasses brand that we sell at Sun of Japan is how they are produced in small batch production. This ensures the highest level of quality and detail that will showcase the great potential of each sunglass design. What also makes Japanese sunglasses brands second to none is the materials used in producing the frames. The Japanese acetate is one of the finest eyewear frame materials on the planet. 

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Selection of sunglasses for all face shapes!

Since sunglasses and eyewear, in general, are essential elements to your style, you should think about what shape or color you are looking for. And whether you are going for a modern or classic sunglass look. You should also go for a sunglass design and frame shape that fits your face shape and highlights your best features. It is important to find the right fit for you, because glasses can change your appearance significantly.  Luckily, Sun of Japan offers a versatile collection of sunglasses brands and collections.

In our selection of Japanese sunglasses, you can find the famous aviator, octagon and pentagon shapes. However, if you are looking to challenge your look with a more bold finish you could consider going after the cat’s eye frames! In doubt of what size you should pick? We have made a size guide specifically for each product we sell. 

The story behind Japanese sunglasses: From necessity to high-end fashion statement

When sunglasses first were used in Japan, they were used by workers on the field to protect their eyes from the harsh sunlight. Consequently, sunglasses had a repertoire of something belonging to lower-class people. However, with optical brands like Eyevan and Masunaga emerging, the tradition of Japanese sunglasses changed. Instead of being merely a necessity, sunglasses quickly became a fashion statement and in the 21st century, they are used as vital expressions of style!

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