Best Japanese sunglasses brands and eyewear manufacturers


Best Japanese sunglasses brands and eyewear manufacturers

In this post, you can get familiar with the Japanese brands we offer in our selection of premium sunglasses at Sun of Japan. All brands exhibit unique and fine Japanese craftsmanship which is why Japan has been put on the world map as one of the best manufacturers of quality, high-end eyewear. Lightweight and stylish designs that will make you want to wear sunglasses all day, every day!

At Sun of Japan, we focus on providing our customers with many options – only the highest quality. All these brands are at the top of Japanese sunglasses manufacturers in the 21st century.  Therefore, Japanese sunglasses are perfect if you are looking for ways to stand out! Common for all the sunglasses brands you can find in our collection is how they all embody traditional Japanese craftsmanship with a touch of modernity. In this way, the sunglasses are extremely durable and will make you look fashionably chic.


Let’s begin with Eyevan. The eyewear brand Eyevan is one of the first-movers in the optical industry. And it is safe to say that Eyevan has been very influential in making sunglasses and eyewear into a fashion statement. With sunglasses from Eyevan – such as the famous 7285 collection – sunglasses have become more than just a necessity; they become a fashion statement. High-quality, beautifully designed sunglasses that reflect Japanese tradition and culture in every single piece made. 

Read more about Eyevan or browse our beautiful selection of Eyevan sunglasses here.


The Masunaga Optical company has existed since 1905 – and since then, they have been at the forefront of premium optical manufacturing. Merging traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern technologies, Masunaga is a unique manufacturer of eyewear because they own and control the over 200 step-process it takes to produce the perfect frames. With all these processes done in-house, Masunaga is renowned for ensuring streamlining and quality improvements already from early raw material acquisition stages to the final touches. Learn more about the procedures and visions behind the Masunaga empire here. 

Shop Masunaga Sunglasses here or Read the story behind Masunaga in our journal.

Masunaga x Kenzo Takada

Since 2014, the Masunaga brand has made an acclaimed and beautiful collaboration with Japanese fashion icon Kenzo Takada. Fashion and eyewear legend Kenzo Takada is known for merging durability with stylishness and boldness. This collaboration with Masunaga has put the Kenzo Takada fashion brand on the sunglasses scene – and vice versa.  Kenzo Takada adopts a new sense of sunglasses fashion, challenging how sunglasses are made.

Shop the K-3 collection here or browse the Kenzo Takada collection here.

TVR: True Vintage Revival

From its early stages, the eyewear brand True Vintage Revival had a clear and concise brand vision: to revive the classic Japanese sunglasses and eyewear designs. Authenticity stands at the heart of TVR, who use only the finest Japanese craftsmanship and raw materials to create high-end, high-quality frames that honor traditions and history in every detail. 

Browse our collection of True Vintage Revival sunglasses here.


One of the newer Japanese sunglasses brands, FACTORY900, was launched in 2000 with the vision to create sophisticated and modern sunglasses and eyewear. “The futures eyewear” brand concept that FACTORY900 envisioned has grown into a well-known and high-end Japanese eyewear brand. Luxurious optical frames that elevate each and every element!

Shop FACTORY900 sunglasses here.

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