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    Founded in 1972 by Kensuke Ishizu, Eyevan revolutionized eyewear by introducing it as a fashion accessory. Based in Fukui, Japan—a global hub for quality sunglasses manufacturing—Eyevan is renowned for its design, craftsmanship, and the joy of wearing stylish eyewear.

    • Founded: 1972
    • Location: Fukui, Japan
    • Concept: Eyewear as a fashion accessory

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    Eyevan sunglasses: Luxurious craftsmanship in timeless design

    • Master Craftsmanship: Over 25 years of experience in integrating the latest technology with stylish design.
    • Collection: The 7285 collection exemplifies Eyevan’s commitment to excellence.

    Eyevan Sunglasses: A blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and contemporary design, making each pair a fashion statement.

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    History of Eyevan

    • 1972: Founded by Yamamoto Bojin Megane Co., Ltd., under Kensuke Ishizu.
    • 1976: Hosted the “EYEVAN Fashion Seminar” for eyeglass stores.
    • 1980: Renamed to Yamamoto Kogaku Co. Ltd.
    • 1985: Expanded to the USA, merging with Optec Japan Corporation.
    • 1989: Licensing agreement with Oliver Peoples Inc.
    • 1992: Gained popularity among foreign celebrities.
    • 1995: Opened Oliver Peoples Tokyo Gallery.
    • 1998: Independent management by Optec Japan Corporation.
    • 2003: Temporarily paused brand development.
    • 2007: Opened “EYEVAN Tokyo Midtown” store.
    • 2013: Launched “EYEVAN 7285” combining fashion and product design.
    • 2017: Opened flagship store “EYEVAN 7285 TOKYO” and launched “10 eyevan” and “Eyevol” brands.
    • 2018: Relaunched the Eyevan brand with a new capsule collection.

    Sabae City: The Heart of Eyevan

    • Reputation: Known for exceptional quality, similar to Naples’ dress shirts or Islay’s malt whiskey.
    • Manufacturing: Eyevan glasses are crafted in Sabae, ensuring high-quality production.

    Craftsmanship and Technology

    Polishing and Quality Control

    • Materials: Titanium alloy is used for its rigidity and lightweight properties.
    • Craftsmanship: Quality is judged by the feel and shine, not just numerical values.

    Prototyping and Design

    • Process: Designs are converted from paper to prototypes using soft metal plates.
    • Skill: Craftsmen use experience and technical skills to create detailed and delicate eyewear.


    Innovation and Legacy

    Eyevan continues to push the boundaries of eyewear design, combining advanced technology with traditional craftsmanship. Each pair of Eyevan glasses embodies the rich history and innovative spirit of Sabae City.

    Explore the Eyevan collection at Sun of Japan and discover the perfect blend of style and precision.

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