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Piece by piece, every one of a True Vintage Revival (TVR®) eyewear is honed with decades of expertise by selected artisans from Sabae. Fired up with a passion to revive classic designs from the golden classical eras, TVR® sets its eyes on two things-genuine quality and authentic vintage designs. Original templates and a collection of blueprints, the first-class traditional optical frames are made using the Datum Expression System. It is a creation process passed on from generations to select artisans with a superior commitment to quality.

People in Sabae have always been patient and conscientious, and these are exactly the qualities needed for the intricate and painstaking work especially in making handmade eyewear. One of the characteristics of Japanese craftsmanship is a kind of profusion of detail. There is a tendency to pay extra attention towards the minutest of details.The spirit of Japanese artisanal craft involves spending a copious amount of time and effort to get the by product exactly right. The economics of the product are not so important as for these folks; the aim is to product some thing faithful to the fundamentals of the craft and its authentic designs.

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