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TVR SERIE Series 5 — 2023 Edition Vintage Horn Rim – 8mm Japanese Zylonite Acetate

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TVR SERIE Series 5 — 2023 Edition Vintage Horn Rim – 8mm Japanese Zylonite Acetate

The TVR SERIES 5 is designed based on the Square Vintage Steampunk eyeglasses, drawing original references from the 1950s Willson Retro Vintage Green Vented Folding Hinged Safety eyepiece. 

The latest TVR® SERIES 5 draws inspiration from the Steampunk sunglasses that were also commonly known as work glasses, riding glasses, biker’s green glasses, goggles or industrial working glasses with side vents. Primarily, these were used to protect the eyes from dusts and gravels from entering the eyes. Steampunk glasses became so popular that in the 1950s, people started using them as fashion accessories. In the early 1960s, Yves Saint Laurent introduced le smoking, the first tuxedo suit designed for women. It was a revolutionary moment for women to carry such androgyny especially in mainstream fashion. It was also when women started to wear manly eyeglasses as part of the trend of le smoking suits — making sunglasses a unisex yet classically bold expression. Today, these protective vintage safety goggles become unique collectors’ item or one-of-a-kind accessories.

The TVR® SERIES 5 collection is a true testament to the fusion of ‘East meets West’, combining Japanese handcrafted artisanal qualities with American design philosophies. The new model is crafted entirely using 8mm Japanese Zylonite material for its fronts, while its temples feature 6mm material for ultimate comfort and fit, even with its extremely bold features on the front.

TVR®OPT has ingeniously merged a regular bridge with a keyhole bridge. This innovative approach evenly distributes the weight of the glasses along the sides of the nose rather than concentrating it at the top, which is particularly advantageous for individuals with broader noses. Moreover, the U-shaped slot seamlessly integrated into the frame front not only imparts a continuous aesthetic but also infuses a modern and uncomplicated allure to the bridge design.

The substantial frame is counterbalanced by wide library temples that taper toward flared tips. Inspired by boat paddles, the temple design takes on a simplistic approach that echoes American design principles. Bold and masculine, with a thick body, the upper part of the eyeframe is derived from a square shape. Each curvature and line on the frame is carefully created to ensure the best qualities, comfort, and fit. It is perfected using the diamond cutting technique, creating a 90-degree edge without curved angles to shape the structure of the eyepiece. This technique ensures a beautifully flat bridge surface and an excellent fit. The frame fronts also undergo a special polishing process, adding the finishing touch to each eyepiece.

TVR®OPT introduces a series of metal core designs showcasing traditional Japanese hand carving, known as ‘Tebori’. This technique  emerged during the Edo period, a time of flourishing Japanese arts and crafts. It involves intricate engraving on items like swords, hairpins, and combs. To excel in Tebori, craftsmen must first master crafting a ‘tagane’, a cold chisel used to create patterns on metal.

Furthermore, TVR® SERIES 5 will feature the exquisite addition of Baroque Style 17th Century engraving metal core. This choice is driven by Onami-san’s vision to blend American eyeglasses design with Japanese craftsmanship, accentuated by intricate European engraving details. This fusion delivers a remarkable synergy that can be truly appreciated upon close inspection.

Adding to its luxurious feel, TVR®OPT has incorporated gold plating on its seven barrel hinges, along with Baroque Style 17th Century engraving and rectangle bar rivets on the front and temple using SPM (Sun Platinum Metal) — a quintessential design in American eyewear-making from the late 1950s. The reason for using rectangle bar rivets is that they resemble gold bars, adding a sense of opulence and luxury to the design.

The nature-derived leitmotif is also integrated with the TVR®OPT logo for a seamless and subtle design on the temple. The latest design will also include anti-slip temple detailing for a snugger fit. Master craftsman Sawada-san, with over 60 years of experience, meticulously perfects the diamond edge finishing by hand.

The TVR® SERIES 5 is available in five illustrious colours: Brown Demi Amber, Classic Black, Demi Amber, Emerald Crystal, and Grey Crystal.
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Classic Black






Men, Women


True Vintage Revival


Size 49 / 22mm
Lens 48mm
Front Length 142.5mm
Temple 150mm


Country of Origin
• Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, Japan
Frame Material
• 8mm Japanese Zylonite Acetate
Metal Material
• SPM (Sun Platinum Metal)
• Gold-plated Metal Core
(Baroque Style 17th Century)
• Gold-plated Rivets and Hinges


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