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TVR®504X Classic JD 2023 Collection Dragon in the Cloud
The TVR®504X Classic JD 2023 Collection colour was meticulously chosen to perfectly complement the titanium rim inside the front eyeglasses.

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TVR®504X Classic JD 2023 Collection
The TVR®504X Classic JD 2023 Collection colour was meticulously chosen to perfectly complement the titanium rim inside the front eyeglasses. Two exclusive colours were created exclusively for the TVR®504X, adding a touch of uniqueness to the collection.

Introducing TVR®504X, the new X Series
The new X Series in 8mm Zylonite Acetate is exclusive to TVR® OPT Japan’s 10th Anniversary.

Sabae, Japan — Following the success of the recent TVR®504 6mm 2023 Edition, TVR® OPT Japan continues to reimagine classic silhouettes with the new and enhanced version of the iconic shape. Introducing the TVR®504X, the new X Series that features a bold 8mm Japanese Zylonite material with a unique metal rim inside the lenses.

Designed in celebration of TVR® OPT Japan’s 10th anniversary, TVR®504X embodies a decade-long ethos of ‘RE-MAKE = REVIVAL’, resulting in a exclusive collection of retro-inspired eyewear. TVR® OPT continues to bring back nostalgic memories with timeless designs that are paired with modern aesthetics and incomparable craftsmanship perfected by its master craftsmen in Sabae, Fukui, Japan. First introduced in May 2013, TVR®504 ha been made available in over 80 colours and seven different sizes. As of today — despite being made unavailable for over a year — TVR® OPT Japan has kept the best four sizing for the iconic shape, including the new on-demand sizing of 50mm. The rest of the iterations include TVR®504 Japanese Celluloid 6mm (April 2022), TVR®504 Vintage 1993 8mm Zylonite material (January 2022), and TVR®504 Bespoke Collector’s Edition / Cities Edition (September 2022) that drew an amazing response since its launch.

For the uninitiated, TVR®504 draws its shape from an original archive from the 1940s collected in a Japanese warehouse in Sabae. In its most primary form, it was made using 5mm Zylonite material and carried a distinct form also known today as the JD Shape — made famous thanks to the legendary James Dean, then by famed actor Johnny Depp.

The new TVR®504X features a frame material called 8mm Japanese Zylonite, which provides durability and a classic look. Inspired by the golden revival age of retro-style in Japan, TVR® OPT finds a foundation in 2013 through the ethos of blending modern aesthetics with fine
craftsmanship to create a pragmatic luxury retro style. This design philosophy represents bravery, fearlessness, and an informal attitude — an ode to the pursuit of ideals. The X Series launches with a new version of the unmistakable TVR®504 with a titanium metal eyes ring (Windsor rims) inside the front frame. This design recreates the 1940s JD style with the 1970s Windsor rim details — providing luxurious filigree engraving metal on the titanium wire rims. This exemplifies the perfect blend of the classic with a modern twist. The hand-carved arabesque titanium metal eyes ring on the TVR®504X is truly one of most beautiful features of the eyepiece. It also demonstrates traditional Japanese craftsmanship while creating a unique aesthetic on the eyeglasses.

Preserving the original 1940s design, TVR®504X maintains the classic keyhole nose bridge while introducing the new seven-barrel lines design hinge with new washer details for enhanced durability. Additionally, there is the Gold-plated edition that comes with new 3D spear rivets in Sun Platinum Metal (SPM) to elevate the luxurious appearance of the range. The eyewear will be completed with new metal cores. TVR® OPT has been one of the earliest brands to incorporate detailed cores in the temples since 2015 (as seen in the feather core details of Yamada Mitsukazu® x TVR® YM-001). The latest metal detail cores draw inspiration from the dragon at the Myōshin-ji Temple in Kyoto. Tak a closer look to appreciate the unique style of the dragon called the Happonnirami no Ryū, also known as the ‘Dragon Gazing in All Directions,’ Depending on the angle from which you look at it, the dragon on the eyewear core can appear to be either descending or ascending to heaven. It also seems to look directly at you, regardless of the viewing angle. This symbolism represents the brand’s direction to be perpetual and timeless in its vintage revival codes. Moreover, TVR® OPT is the first brand to design eyewear with dragon details at its core — a symbolizing mythical creature synonymous with good fortune, protection, and wisdom.

Creating these hand-carved pattern details has been an arduous process for TVR® OPT, taking almost a year to complete. It involved over six months to finalize the drawing and at least three months for engraving on a metal block. Each and every detail on the core has been handcarved with ultimate precision and artistry using the ‘Tebori’ technique. This technique, first developed during the Edo period, showcases the burgeoning Japanese arts and crafts through the centuries. It was widely employed in the making of various objects like swords, hairpins, combs, and more. Today, there is only one ‘Tebori’ craftsman left in the eyewear-making world of Fukui, Sabae. A handful of craftsmen focus on pure gold products like jewelry, watch-making, and other trinkets, marking them at very high values due to the extremely rare and high-level handmade craftsmanship involved.

The TVR®504X — X Series will be available in two new size options, 47mm and 49mm, catering to the growing diverse demands of customers. This expansion ensures that esteemed customers get the perfect fit and comfort. For minimalists, the coveted TVR®504X comes in the most desired Classic Black Clear and Clear Crystal, along with two other exclusive TVR® OPT colours, namely Champagne Gold and Smoke Brown Champagne. As a small batch manufacturer, the latest drop of the TVR®504X — X Series will be a supreme collectible for both style aficionados and eyewear collectors. Marrying traditional Japanese materials and impeccable craftsmanship, this model is one of the brand’s most beautiful eyepieces to date — a seamless combination of retro charm with modern elements for today’s wearers.


True Vintage Revival


Men, Women


Smoke Brown Champagne






Size 49 / 24mm
Lens 48mm (Rim size)
Front Length 144.6mm
Temple 150mm


• 8mm Japanese Zylonite Acetate
Metal Material
• SPM (Sun Platinum Metal)
• Alpha Titanium
• Gold-plated Metal Core
(Dragon in the Cloud)
• Gold-plated Rivets / Hinges
• Gold-plated Inner Rim
• Sun Lens – Anti Reflex G-15


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