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Buy Eyevan sunglasses collection online

At Sun of Japan, we offer a beautiful selection of Eyevan sunglasses frames. The frames can be found in many sizes, shapes, and colors – to match your specific style and needs. The Eyevan sunglasses have gained wide popularity across the globe due to their excellent design and high-quality product material.  All the Eyevan eye frames are handmade in the legendary area of Fukui, Japan. By buying a new pair of durable and fashionable sunglasses from Eyevan you will buy a part of Japanese craftsmanship traditions passed down through generations. Eyevan exhibits an attention to detail, unlike others. Eyevan takes pride in the production of each and every piece of the eye frame, and no compromises or shortcuts are taken. The results? breathtaking!

The Eyevan 7285 collection

Founded in 2013, the newest Eyevan collection; Eyevan 7285 dwells on the original and vintage designs and sketches. The 46 frames that make up the entire collection are based on 11 drawings from the Eyevan archives of the original 1972 collection. The 7285 collection is a unique exhibition of old and new; vintage and modern merged into perfection. Relaunching the Eyevan brand in 2013, the new Eyevan leadership, with Mr. Yamamoto Kenji as the frontrunner, were looking to pay tribute and honour the original designs: “72” referring to the founding year and “85” refers to the year Eyevan debuted and was duly recognized on the international market. Read more about Japanese sunglasses brands here.

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