TVR® OPT is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2023.

TVR 10th Anniversary

TVR® OPT is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2023.

The Japanese label attributes its booming success to all of its partners, ambassadors and TVR® OPT stores across the world.

And TVR® OPT will commemorate the glorious decade with a new brand campaign that is set to keep everyone excited.

The 10th Anniversary will see the theme of VISION for the future of handmade vintage eyeglasses. VISION is the very reason TVR® OPT continues to keep looking forward in producing as many unique vintage eyeglasses as possible. The word ‘VISION’ also culminates the power of seeing, taking over the new campaign image with number ‘10’ to represent the years TVR® OPT Japan has taken to grow leaps and bounds.

For the uninitiated, the work that goes into handmade glasses is a lifetime commitment. It cannot be replaced with machines, the craftsmen have their own expertise and an unparalleled eye for detail, and each piece of eyeglasses is unique as every batch of production is different when it comes to colours, materials and detailing.

While TVR® OPT was initially founded only for the Japanese market, especially with the brand’s direction going niche and focusing on craftsmanship, rare materials and small batch production, TVR® OPT eyewear started to receive acknowledgement from foreign customers and tourists who purchased TVR® OPT eyeglasses from its Japan stores. The brand began to experience global presence through a host of international clienteles ranging from celebrities, creatives, fashion followers and tastemakers. Today,
TVR® OPT has more than 250 stores all around the world.

However, truth be told, TVR® OPT is still unable to meet the full demand of the optical industry as the dedicated artisans are still using the same method of production since day one. Despite the many stores and demands from all over the globe, TVR® OPT continues to observe a small batch approach to eyewear making — with each production and collection taking up between eight to twelve months. Once the batch is sold out, there’s a wait of a year for the next production to be ready.

The past years have been amazing, from just four collections in 2013 to 32 collections available today. The team works arduously to keep improving and experimenting with different materials and measurements — from 4mm to 8mm with Zylonite to Celluloid, including a special edition like the TVR®512 using 14K Gold. The constant is the Sun Platinum Metal (SPM) that has been used across all the collections since the very start.

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TVR® OPT  is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2023.
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