Sunlens Luminlens Technology

tvr luminlens

Sunlens Luminlens Technology

Sun of Japan just released the new TVR504 Edition 2024 with the new flat design sunlens Luminlens technology by True Vintage Revival.
tvr luminlens
tvr luminlens


  • ProUV – High-Quality UV Protection: ProUV Technology provides excellent UV-cut effects, blocking harmful rays such as UVA and UVB even when using light-coloured lenses. As a year-round UV protection measure, it safeguards the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • I-Shield Coating: I-Shield Coating enhances lens abrasion resistance, minimises fine scratches and damages, and prevents dirt adhesion. Applying Shield Coating makes lens maintenance easier, prevents dirt from sticking to the surface, and improves lens durability.
  • IBAD Coating Technology: This precision coating technology, also applied in the medical field, adds precise processing to the lenses. It allows fine adjustments to the physical properties, hardness, density, and surface structure of the coating. It protects the lens, optimising performance, and represents an advanced visual technology.
  • Advanced Optical Performance – Columbia Resin #39: The optical resin material developed by the U.S. Columbia Resin Project has a high Abbe number comparable to glass, offering excellent optical performance. With minimal chromatic aberration, it provides more realistic colours and high-quality optical performance. achieving visual comfort.
    *Abbe number indicates the degree of dispersion of light
    *Chromatic aberration is a phenomenon where colours blur and distort due to differences in refractive index based on the wavelength of light.

• Colour Processing Technology – Bringing Every Moment to Life: Through delicately adjusted color rendering, the lenses express natural and realistic colours. This technology not only enhances visual effects but also adds more depth to colours, creating vibrant and natural moments. It delivers a sharper. joy-filled visual experience for every moment.

flat lens design luminlens tvr
flat lens design luminlens tvr


LuminLens, an exclusive brand created for TVR®OPT Japan, embodies clarity and brightness, positioning it as the ideal choice for sunglasses that enhance vision in various lighting conditions.

TVR®OPT lenses are custom-coloured and meticulously designed to meet the unique requirements of TVR®OPT eyeglasses, driven by customer requests.

LuminLens, dedicated to the development and manufacturing of non-prescription sunglasses lenses, collaborates with top-notch lens companies to offer the highest quality sunglasses lenses. TVR®OPT products incorporate the latest materials, designs, colour schemes, and technologies, ensuring protection from ultraviolet rays while providing an excellent visual experience in line with current trends.

Not only do TVR®OPT comply with Japans rigorous standards for the sunglasses industry, but TVR®OPT also hold the esteemed JSOl Inspection Certificate from the Japan Spectacles and Popular Optics Inspection Institute. TVR®OPT go further by setting even more stringent internal parameters, ensuring abrasion resistance, durability, visual clarity, and long-lasting lens performance. This unwavering commitment results in heightened clarity, visual comfort, safety, and enduring durability for our valued customers.

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