Eyewear for fashion. 49 years of EYEVAN.

eyevan fashion 1972

Eyewear for fashion. 49 years of EYEVAN.

Now one of the items that play a key role in the style is eyewear. There are countless kinds of materials and shapes, such as metal, acetate, square shape and P3 shape. It is common sense to change eyewear according to TPO: Time, Place or Occasion. Eyewear’s select shop is also here and there, and everyone enjoys selecting eyewear in the same sense as clothes and shoes. However, what they took for granted was completely opposite until the early 1970s. Eyewear, as a symbol of a pencil-geek, was just recognized as a tool for the purpose of correcting vision. The store staff was an optometrist wearing a white coat, which was far away from fashion. The Ivy’s Bible “TAKE IVY” was issued in 1965 and the appearance of students wearing eyewear could be confirmed, but young people who were sensitive to clothing at that time did not attempt to imitate that. Then, at what timing did it get involved with fashion?

1972 Reform to change medical device to fashion began.

Yamamoto Bojin Megane Co., Ltd. established Eyevan, Inc. Eyewear brand EYEVAN started with the concept of “Eyewear for dressing as a fashion accessory” for fashion brand Van Jacket presided by Mr. Kensuke Ishizu. Launching general optical frames.

Advertisement strategy completely changed image of vision correction tool. Strongly embarked on “changing eyewear” in the advertisement “EYEVAN-VAN’S FACE REVOLUTION”.

1977 Boston (P3 shape) and Wellington(square shape) become a staple of students.

As a result of seeking a frame width suitable for the skeleton of the Japanese and lightness with less stress even over a long period of time, Boston(P3 shape) and Wellington(square shape) shapes are announced. Although not well known, Tetsuji Yamamoto is the godfather of these 2 shapes.

  • 1980 Yamamoto Bojin Megane Co., Ltd. changes its name to Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd.

1982 To genuine-oriented gentlemen who graduated Ivy.

10 years later after EYEVAN appears. When it became widely popular among young people and was established as a fashion item, then eyewear for adults began to be demanded. It was natural course to head to British Trad., the Ivy’s source. Rimless frames making feel traditional and intelligent become main products.

1985 Sabae made quality eyewear recognized worldwide.

Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd. integrates eyewear business into head office, and along with absorbing and merging Eyevan, Inc. establishes Optec Japan Corporation setting its headquarters in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, and started manufacturing optical frames and sunglasses.

1989 A license agreement is signed with Oliver Peoples, Inc.

A license agreement is signed with Oliver Peoples, Inc. of Los Angeles, U.S.A. for manufacturing and distributing eyewear.

1992 Many foreign celebrities love EYEVAN.

Many foreign celebrities love EYEVAN, including Madonna wear EYEVAN as seen in the American culture magazine People.

  • 1995 Oliver Peoples Tokyo Gallery is opened in Aoyama, Tokyo.
  • 1998 Along with the reorganization of Yamamoto Kogaku group, Optec Japan Corporation separates from Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd. and becomes independent.
  • 2003 Development of eyewear brand EYEVAN is paused temporarily.
  • 2007 EYEVAN Tokyo Midtown, an eyewear select shop, is opened at Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi.

2013EYEVAN 7285 collection is launched, and a great deal of attention is drawn at home and abroad.

An eyewear brand EYEVAN 7285, which has succeeded the will of EYEVAN and fused fashion and product, is launched. Requests for handling are received from overseas select shops including Colette, Paris and Bergdorf Goodman, and a great deal of attention is drawn at home and abroad.

  • 2013 Tetsuji Yamamoto, President, is appointed Chairman of the Board.Noriyuki Yamamoto, senior managing director, is inaugurated as President

2017 A flagship store and new brands are launched one after another.

EYEVAN 7285 Tokyo, a flagship store of EYEVAN 7285, is opened in Aoyama, Tokyo.

2018An eyewear brand “EYEVAN” is revived and newly re-launched.

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