Gozaemon Masunaga : The man behind the brand

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Gozaemon Masunaga : The man behind the brand

Since the dawn of the Masunaga brand, eyewear pioneer Gozaemon Masunaga has exhibited a tradition of Japanese craftsmanship beyond the ordinary. Establishing the brand in 1905, Masunaga envisioned an optical industry set up in Fukui. Bringing this vision to life, Masunaga brought the most experienced and skilled craftsmen from Osaka and Tokyo to Fukui. At first, the Masunaga company was observed as a third-rate brand with poor-quality products. However, they have come a long way since, and only 6 years after the company was established – Masunaga was being praised for its manufacturing excellence.

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Masunaga : From vision to success

Making one frame has to undergo over 200 manual processes – all are done in the same place. The system will ultimately improve the details and quality of each eyeframe. It has now become one of the oldest and most prestigious eyewear brands in modern days. During the lifespan of Masunaga, he crafted eyewear for emperors – in 1933 the Japanese emperor received a custom-made gold frame – and members of the Japanese elite. The region of Fukui where Masunaga – is now one of the three largest regions in the world to produce high-quality optical frames

The philosophy that Masunaga adheres to is that quality should never be compromised and this has become one of the many reasons why the Masunaga brand has become so successful today. Another reason is how Masunaga introduced a guild system that would function to help skilled optical craftsmen to be in charge of their own workshops which would streamline the processes. This would allow alertness to detail that would – and still does – create uniquely beautiful eye frames. Now, Gozaemon Masunagas’ visions live on and his legacy has been solidified in an iconic brand. 

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