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    True Vintage Revival (TVR)

    TVR Eyewear brings together vintage design and exceptional Japanese craftsmanship, handcrafting each piece in Sabae, Japan. Known for its skilled artisans and high-quality production, TVR offers eyewear that revives classic styles with modern precision.

    Key Features

    • Handcrafted in Sabae, Japan
    • Vintage Design Elements: Keyhole bridge, functional spear rivets, 7-barrel hinges, and miter cuts
    • Premium Materials: Zylonite, celluloid, and titanium

    Craftsmanship and Tradition

    The Making of TVR Eyewear

    • Hand Tools: Passed down from master to apprentice
    • Datum Expression Size: Technique for achieving perfect balance
    • Original Templates: Based on vintage blueprints
    • Traditional Methods: Tumbling, miter cutting, and hand-polishing

    Production Process

    1. Cutting and Shaping: Zylonite/celluloid sheets are cut, heated, and bent.
    2. Lens Cutting: Shapes are precisely cut for the lenses.
    3. Smoothing: Frames are tumbled with pumice and wood pegs.
    4. Assembly: Nose pads, hinges, and rivets are added.
    5. Final Adjustments: Temples are heated and curved.
    6. Brand Stamping: Each frame is stamped with the TVR trademark.


    History of TVR®

    Sabae City: The Heart of Japanese Eyewear

    • Over 90% of Japanese eyewear frames are produced in Sabae.
    • Historical Significance: Home to innovations like nose pads and titanium frames.
    • Generational Craftsmanship: Techniques and skills passed down through generations.

    TVR’s Commitment

    • Quality and Authenticity: Dedicated to reviving classic designs with genuine quality.
    • Artisanal Excellence: Handmade by selected artisans with decades of expertise.

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