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    In 1972, Kensuke Ishizu founded Eyevan with the concept of “eyewear for dressing as a fashion accessory”. EYEVAN was born as Japan’s first self-proclaimed fashion eyewear brand. With factories placed in the legendary area of Fukui, Eyevan is part of a traditional Japanese sunglasses tradition. This historic place has become the third-largest manufacturer of sunglasses in the world. 

    The design reflects the style and serenity of Japanese culture and the precision of craftsmanship that has been recognized and renowned worldwide. These are the core elements that lie at the heart of these amazing products that focus on the fun of wearing glasses as a fashion accessory. Eyevan has since then begun a journey across the sea and out to the world starting 1985, with the aesthetic eye of one eyewear store in Los Angeles. With the US launch, Eyevan was de facto internationally acclaimed and popularized. 

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    Eyevan sunglasses factory

    Eyevan sunglasses: Luxurious craftsmanship in timeless design

    Now, with experience and achievements cultivated over more than a quarter of a century, the hands of master Japanese craftsmen have put forth the latest technology, dressed in style. This is visible with the newest 7285 collection. With this,  Eyevan has managed to create products that exceed beyond excellence. 

    A classic born anew. Eyevan introduces handmade traditional Japanese sunglasses merged with modern designs. The sunglasses from Eyevan are a piece of art, a fashion statement. With this, Eyevan fashion sunglasses embody the traditional eyewear design and style with a dash of modernity.

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